of piglets from Denmark

Farm2Farm is a company offering the Danish piglets from their own farms in Denmark. With automated, modern farming price of our piglets is extremely low, and all pigs sold by us are healthy and well nourished. We export piglets weighing 10-30 kg, in batches ranging in size from 100 - 900 pieces. Our animals are well cared for, because strictly adhere to proper rules of rearing piglets, which guarantee respect for the rights of animals. Shipments come directly from farms, bypassing intermediaries, therefore, the price of piglets is very competitive and we are able to handle even the largest orders. Furthermore, we have constant access to our suppliers and their exclusivity, which guarantees the same price and repeatability of supply. All animals are vaccinated, and the timing of delivery is only 7 days! With modern transport fleet we guarantee timely delivery to any place in Poland. In addition to pigs imported from Denmark, we also offer pork bellies, which are cooled and delivered directly to the final customer. Offered by Farm2Farm pigs are a cross between beef breeds such as: danish landrace, yorkshire, danish large white, duroc i hampshire. These breeds are geared towards leanness, which with proper nutrition ranges from 58-59%. Because we care for multiple collaboration, we approach each client individually and we make every effort to meet all its requirements. We invite you to cooperation.


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