In 2014 Farm2Farm involved in the sport speedway. Slag is primarily one of the most spectacular motorsport disciplines. For over 80 years the sport attracts the crowds of fans not only in Poland but also in the world. Speedway born in the Antipodes , and came to Europe in the thirties of the last century .Since 1936, held Individual World Championships, which emerge the best rider in the world. By 1994, with the title that was decided by the final one day. From next year, organized a series of Grand Prix. To date, the gold medals IMS reached two Polish speedway Tomasz Gollob and Jerzy Szczakiel. Speedway to Polish also reached in the thirties, and almost from the beginning was extremely popular discipline.After World War II saw the development of the sport in Poland. From year to year , our players have raised their level , and one of the first who could make the fight against foreign competitors Alfred Smoczyk - player local club Leszno Union. Slag is a very spectacular sport. There is no shortage in the fight on his elbows , driving in touch, position changes over a distance. All this at a speed oscillating within the limits of 120 km/h without brakes. Speedway is a very brave and tough people. Many of them by injuries had to complete their take-offs on the slag , and some due to heavy falls have lost what is most precious - life. Fortunately, sport speedway from year to year is becoming safer , inter alia, because of the presence on the tracks inflatable band. Many thanks to the speedway may owe health.Nicki Pedersen is a very experienced player and Daniel Kaczmarek young and ambitious. Together, they represent Farm2Farm speedway arenas around the world.




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